The Path to Frictionless

Frictionless shopping is quickly becoming the experience that customers desire. With technologies like inventory tracking, loss prevention, intelligent customer tracking and more, retailers can create this frictionless store of the future.

TCx Elevate Digital Commerce Platform

TCx Elevate 

Mobile Operations Manager

Streamlining front-end operations across point-of-sale and self-checkout

TCx Elevate 

Quick Service

Delivering a fast, convenient experience for food orders on a self-service kiosk

Creating an easier way for developers to build on the TCx™ Elevate platform 

TCx Elevate 


The journey to a frictionless future is made possible with commerce platforms that allow retailers to more quickly extend the capabilities they bring to their business.

Expand your capability even further with compatible applications to unlock the power of your existing systems.

From the Store to Cloud-Connected Commerce

Expand in-store capabilities, create engaging customer experiences and deliver frictionless checkout

  • Endless points of experience

  • A bridge to new capabilities

  • Adapt and scale to your needs

  • Delivering new opportunities

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