Optimizing Throughput

As the store of the future evolves, retailer front-ends will too. At Toshiba, we  consult with retailers to help optimize the queue, flow and mix of technologies to create exceptional checkout moments.

Consumer Mobility

Give retailers tools that enable customers to shop how they want

Help retailers greatly expand their ability to sell more lottery tickets

In-lane Lottery powered by TCx Elevate

Self Checkout System 7

Create more personalized and customer-focused self-service experiences

From Transactions to Front-End Transformation

Today’s stores don’t just exist to help customers stock their pantries and tackle to-do lists – they’re in a 

unique position to deliver a personalized journey for customers.

  • Self-Service Solutions
  • Consumer Mobility
  • In-Lane Lottery
  • Assisted Checkout Lane

How Advanced Loss Prevention Tools Balance Friction and Risk At Checkout

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