Activating Intelligence

Today, many retailers do not have readily available access to crucial data to manage or gain insights into their retail store systems. With services that enable retailers to access that data they can improve store system availability and associate productivity.

Turning Data into Intelligence

It’s critical to have visibility into the health and operations of your retail store in real-time to ensure optimized up-time.

Proactive Availability Services

Maximize system availability with remote monitoring, providing system health status, incident detection and remote resolution.

From Data to Actionable Insights

To manage a store today, retailers must understand their operations in real time and manage the IT health of their systems. By turning data into intelligence, retailers can improve store operations and increase their system uptime.

  • Promote high availability of store systems and prevent disruption
  • Maximizes the productivity of both IT and store associates
  • Proactively identify incidents applying remote resolution/fix or intelligent dispatch
  • Predict and prevent hardware failures through machine learning algorithms

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