Toshiba empowers retailers to create moments that inspire: moments that inspire retailers to better understand their customers, moments that inspire associates to provide personalized customer service and moments that inspire shoppers to feel joy, loyalty, comfort, and ease.

Designed for Retail

Point of Sale

POS Printers

Self Service

Create moments that inspire with solutions designed for retail to  deliver quicker, easier, customer-focused shopping experiences.

Transform your front-end with solutions from assisted checkout to self-service

Optimizing Throughput

Get visibility into the health and operations of your retail store in real-time

Activating Intelligence

Accelerate your business with innovative technologies

Path to Frictionless

Frictionless Store

Frictionless. A buzzword? Sure. However, while many are solely focused a buzz-worthy end-state for the headlines, it's time to consider a different perspective... see how we’re synchronizing IOT technologies powered at the true edge to solve real-world needs today around loss prevention, inventory and customer tracking, more. Let’s talk about how we work together to create a path to frictionless that the majority of the industry can actually benefit from.

Toshiba at NRF 2020

See how Toshiba is creating moments that

inspire at NRF 2020 in New York.

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